Trillion Capital Limited offers following investment banking services to our clients:

Corporate Advisory Services

Corporate Advisory Services

Category: Services / Published:

Identification of joint venture partners, strategic partners and/ or  technical/ financial collaborator and negotiating with them.

  • Assisting in credit rating of debt instruments, Fixed Deposits and other instruments for long-term debt and short term papers.
  • Advising on methods to enhance the credit worthiness of such instruments by suitable Structured obligations.
  • Arranging interest swap.
  • Raising resources by mortgage of asset backed securities or and advise on legal and financial issues connected with the same.
  • Advise on financial planning, capital and debt structuring and to reduce the overall financial cost to the benefit of the shareholders.
  • Assist in Valuation of Companies, Businesses and Brands.
  • Advise on Corporate Law matter.

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Debt Syndication

Debt Syndication

Category: Services / Published:

  • Structuring the short, medium or long term financing requirement.
  • Preparing the Financial plans and determine the size of the debt.
  • Arranging sanction of long term loan, execution of requisite documents and disbursal of loan.
  • Arranging the working capital limits from Commercial/Private or Foreign Banks, Financial Institutions in form of fund based limits, Bill discounting facilities, factoring, letter of credit, bank guarantee etc.
  • Arranging finance by assignment of debt, cash flow financing against escrow receivables, trade credit financing.

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business strategy

Financial and Business Strategy

Category: Services / Published:

  • Advise on business strategies in terms of overall economic business size, pricing policies, marketing strategies, credit policies, strategic financial planning.
  • Assist in capital and revenue budgeting and compare actual with the business plans and suggest corrective actions.
  • To assist in making appropriate business plans for existing businesses for expansion, diversification, strategic investments, business re-organisation and financial re-engineering.

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financial engineering and risk management

Financial Engineering and Risk Management

Category: Services / Published:

  • Diversification strategy in business planning to reduce industry related risk by having a diversified portfolio of assets.
  • Reduce interest rate risk by interest rate swaps, fixed/floating rate options.
  • Reduce currency risks by options, futures, forwards and appropriate strategy for managing the currency risk.
  • Reduce investment risks by diversified portfolio duly hedged by derivatives to protect the investment from unsystematic risks.

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Private Equity and Venture Capital 2

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Category: Services / Published:

Wholesale placement of Equity or Quasi Equity instruments with Private Equity Funds, Foreign Institutional Investors, other investors, Banks etc. by:

  • Identifying the appropriate Fund based on their focus on business sector, stage of investment, size
  • Preparing the Business Plan/ Information Memorandum and circulating to identified investors.
  • Making presentations and correspondence with identified investors.
  • Co-ordinate visit of investor and meeting with management team of client.
  • Negotiating the term sheet.
  • Assist in business valuation, accounting and legal due diligence and other compliances related to raising funds.
  • Negotiating all other documents that are necessary to complete the transaction.

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Project Financing Consultancy

Project Financing Consultancy

Category: Services / Published:

  • Specialized commercial study of Industrial, Infrastructure and Service Sector Projects.
  • Examine & Review the technical inputs, market analysis and marketing inputs of the products along with future growth and trends etc.
  • Prepare financial models and study the viability of the projects under varying scenarios, including making detailed study of all the revenues, costs and possible means of financing the same etc.
  • A comparative study of technologies available and costs of the same and their efficacies. Determining the appropriate size of the project, looking at the size of the market, availability of alternate finance, capacity, the current and future position of the industry etc.
  • Feasibility studies for infrastructure projects for urban area developments, roads, ports, power, etc

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Treasury and Cash Management

Category: Services / Published:

  • Advise on cash management strategies in terms of short-term cash management and short financial planning.
  • Assist in developing systems to invest and track short liquid funds.
  • To assist in raising short term funds for working capital management.
  • Develop hedging strategies and assist in day-to-day management of forex transactions.

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