Fuel for Financial Freedom

Achieving Financial Freedom requires time, discipline and commitment. Satisfying each of your dream requires that the invested asset should grow constantly and it should outperform the market.

This product is designed to provide you flexibility to invest your funds into various dream buckets. This disciplined approach will ensure wealth protection, maintain the same life style and better manage the funds. At the same time, excess returns can be utilised for altruism needs, contingencies and to create an estate for heirs. Generated passive income will fuel your confidence to reach the state of Financial Freedom.

Catering to the niche needs at all stages of your life


Facilitate children education

Trillion Freedom

Retire Young

Trillion Freedom
dream house

Dream house

Trillion Freedom
passive income

Generate passive income

Trillion Freedom
Accelerate wealth growth

Aggressive wealth growth

Trillion Freedom
estate planning

Leave behind an estate

Trillion Freedom
Maintain Life Style

Lifestyle is a habit

Trillion Freedom

Charity is a double blessing

Trillion Freedom
worry free meditation

Worry free contingency plan

Trillion Freedom

Product Details

Product Life Cycle

Clients who wish to earn from this product are required to open their personal trading cum depository account with SEBI registered brokerage firm who is associated with us. The account will be opened in the name of the client and the client needs to deposit the funds into their trading account.

Trillion Capital Limited will give timely advice to handle the client portfolio and the company charges advisory fees payable quarterly by the client. The advisory fees are payable by the client against the credit of profits into their bank personal account.

  • Minimum Investment – INR 5,00,00,000
  • Additional Top up – in multiples of INR 5,00,00,000
  • Lock in Period – 1 year
  • Profit Distribution – Once in a quarter or as and when significant profit is generated whichever is earliest
  • Financial Statement – sent to your registered email address on monthly basis
  • Refer to FAQ section for more details

TCL-Advance Terms

In case of emergency, we will take extreme care to return the amount in entirety. But in some exceptional cases, we may allow partial withdrawal and remaining balance amount can be withdrawn within 30 days.

This is allowed only under emergency financial contingencies. There are no charges for such emergency withdrawals.

We do not re-invest the generated profit. We do not compound. Generated profit will be parked in your account and it will be paid out to you as per profit distribution terms.

You need to compulsorily withdraw the profit on yearly basis or we will distribute the entire profit compulsorily within the calendar year.

No. We will provide statements in pdf format and we cannot provide as per your customisation requirements.

Returns are subject to applicable taxations as per income tax laws. Kindly consult your tax consultant.


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